WelgemoedCID Newsletter – May 2022

A message from Arndt…

My vision for WCID or Welgemoed Community Improvement Drive is encompassed in the name; the vision is to create and maintain a safe, clean, sustainable Welgemoed with a strong community spirit.

To achieve this, we all have to ask – What Can I Do? We are all part of this community and have a role to play. We serve for the common benefit of all.

I am calling all residents to be part of the action, to contribute rather than complain, because together, we can make a more significant difference.

There are plenty of ways to get involved in our community:

  • Joining a neighbourhood watch patrolling team,
  • Keeping our streets and parks clean and litter-free,
  • Volunteering on a greening team to beautify our parks and public spaces,
  • Caring for others in need via our sopsussies,
  • Collecting clothes and blankets for those less fortunate in preparation for winter,
  • By getting involved in community social events – keep an eye on our social media and website posts for more details

A big thank you to all the regular contributors that donate their time, money and knowledge to help us improve our beautiful neighbourhood.

Residents contact details

We have added a new section to the WCID website where residents can update their information.  Please click here to edit or update your information. New residents, please add your information to ensure you receive all the relevant information in a timeous manner.


Please note the statistics listed below are the number of reported issues and incidents to the City of Cape Town’s C3 system and via the WCID Control Room for April 2022

To log a problem or incident, please click here.

For more detailed information on our safety & security and cleaning stats, please click on the buttons below:

Social responsibility

Please click on the image for more details

Community drive

Please click on the image for more details

If you would like to bring any matters of concern to our attention, please contact me at manager@welgemoedcid.co.za.

Warm regards 
Arndt Mittendorf


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