WelgemoedCID Newsletter – July 2022

A message from Arndt…

Good day residents,

Winter is well on its way, meaning sunrise is later and sundown earlier. As part of our vision of creating and maintaining a safe, clean, and sustainable Welgemoed with a strong community spirit, we urge residents and employees working in the area to please stay visible when out on the road in the dark. Wearing reflective clothing can save a life and help keep our street safe for all. 

Our community has been active the last two months, with various projects on the go to support the less fortunate. Keep an eye on our social media and website posts for more details.

Skips on the road/ building rubble on the sidewalk

There have been a few incidents involving building rubble skips placed on the road throughout the neighbourhood. WCID has been informed of and referred to the relevant by-laws by our council members.  The bylaws clearly state that no obstructions may be placed on the road or sidewalk. This is covered under the streets and public places by-law and means that building rubble skips may not be placed in the roads. Please report all these matters on 021 480 7700, so the case can be recorded, and an officer dispatched to enforce the by-law.

Please click here for the relevant sections of the by-laws. 


Please note the statistics listed below are the number of reported issues and incidents to the City of Cape Town’s C3 system and via the WCID Control Room for July 2022

To log a problem or incident, please click here.

Security Statistics

The June crime stats for WCID include three house burglaries, three attempted burglaries and one motor vehicle accident.

Following a joint effort by the WCID team, the Plattekloof, Welgelegen, Panorama and Kleinbosch (PWP) neighbourhood watch, License Plate Recognition (LPR), and SAPS three groups of perpetrators were arrested in June. It is believed these groups were responsible for most of the incidents in our areas. 

Whilst this is good news, we still need to be vigilant of activities in our neighbourhood. Please do not leave any visible goods in your vehicles, whether it is parked in your yard, behind a gate or on the street curb. Opportunistic crime will always be around.

Please ensure that you are part of your security sector WhatsApp groups to be informed of current activities. Please get in touch with Cheryl Quantrill on 082 771 9641 to be added to your particular group as per your address.


Winter rain makes Welgemoed green and MES Grow teams keep it clean; WCID thanks MES for their continual hard work.
Whilst the CCT mowing teams are waiting for annual contract renewals, the MES teams are attending to various mowing and cleaning tasks. The MES team has partially mowed Gouverneur and Chavonne Park; rehabilitation areas will be manually weeded as required. Imhoff Park has been cut, cleaned, and cleared. The WCID Greening team has been planting in Gouverneur Park, and we all look forward to the renosterveld display.

The Golf Course and Grey Street forest are clean and ready for the next full moon run. More on this later in the newsletter.
We ask all residents to dispose of garden refuse correctly. We have a continual problem with black bags being dumped in Kommissaris Street, down the embankment towards the golf course fence.

For more detailed information on our safety & security and cleaning stats, please click on the buttons below:


The greening team has been very active over the last few months, and they have worked on various projects, including the prepping and planting of renosterveld in Gouverneur Park. In addition, we would like to thank the 49 residents that completed the Chavonne Park upgrade survey. We aim to transform the park into an imaginative, well-designed space that will respond to the needs of each generation of our community. Please bear with us as it will take some time to work through all the data and revert to you. Also, follow the various post on Facebook.

Social responsibility

2 Day first aid course

Twenty-one members of the community attended and passed the Safe Tech Training first aid course held on the 14th and 15th of July 2022. The students completed a comprehensive course, wrote two tests, and finished a practical session. 

The students had a great time, and most indicated they would love to do the level two course. 

“We would not hesitate to recommend the course to our friends. We have already recommended it to friends. We would urge everyone to come, see and learn the skills that could downscale a potential tragedy into something that is simply unpleasant but manageable.” Alazne Labuschagne.

“The handbook is super and very easy to use and so useful. Thank you for making the course so personal and highlighting the information for us through personal experience.” Julius Feni.

The Welgemoed Sopsussies delivers approximately 250 litres of soup to local communities in need every week. Though they have been blessed with donations, they welcome NEW MEMBERS or SPONSORS of containers (especially 1-litre yoghurt or 2-litre ice cream containers) of dry soup ingredients, vegetables to ensure sustainability and spices. Just one pot of soup per household can make a difference. Contact Elzeth at 072 865 4993 or Sarita at 083 270 1620 if you would like to help.

Please click on the image for more details

Community drive

Volmaan Walk/ Run
Hard to believe it has been one year since our first community Volmaan walk/ run on the golf course. This month we celebrated the milestone with a glass of Glühwein at the finish line. Join us for the monthly event.

Please click on the image for more details

If you would like to bring any matters of concern to our attention, please contact me at manager@welgemoedcid.co.za.

Warm regards 
Arndt Mittendorf


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