Welgemoed Sopsussies

The Welgemoed Sopsussies started in April 2020, and sadly, two years down the line, the harsh conditions within the communities they aid have not improved – thus, they cook forth! They have been so blessed with donations; however, they welcome NEW MEMBERS or SPONSORS of containers (especially 1-litre yoghurt or 2-litre ice cream containers) of dry soup ingredients, vegetables to ensure sustainability and spices. Just one pot of soup per household can make a difference. Contact Elzeth at 072 865 4993 or Sarita at 083 270 1620 if you would like to help.


  • Norma McAslan
    12/05/2022 at 22:17

    Would be happy to help please clarify if you want me to cook and donate a pot of soup or how this works,

    • SanettUys
      10/06/2022 at 07:09

      Please contact Elzeth Snyman on +27 72 865 4993. She will be able to give you the details.

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