Welgemoed Cleaning update May 2021

Dog owners and walkers have a legal duty to clean up dog faeces immediately after their animal fouls a public place.

According to the Animal By-law, 201, article 11. “Removal of excrement

  1. If any dog defecates in any public street, public place or public road, any person in control of such dog, excluding a person assisted by a guide dog, shall forthwith remove the excrement, place it in a plastic or paper bag or wrapper and dispose of it in a receptacle provided for the deposit of litter or refuse, excluding a person who is assisted by a guide dog.
  2. No person shall walk a dog, other than a guide dog, in a public street, public place or public road, without carrying a sufficient number of plastic or paper bags or wrappers, within which to place the excrement of the dog, in the event of the dog defecating.”

WCID has approached the CoCT to put up more bins on street corners to deposit bags of faeces. We urge residents to familiarise themselves with the Animal By-Law 

Many residents have expressed the need for a Dog Park in Welgemoed. We have earmarked the open space that stretches from Lincoln Street to Van der Merwe Crescent as a possibility. Kirstin Buchorn, Matt Chaplin and Colin Webber are leading this project. Colin is also investigating the viability of composting dog poo. This environmentally friendly system is used successfully in Scarborough and Noordhoek.

The corner of Kommissaris and Jip de Jager has been identified as the Welgemoed Entrance and it is high on our agenda to improve it. The COCT department, Roads and Stormwater is currently in the process with reparations to the sidewalks, kerbs and pathway on the southern side. After that has been completed, we will continue with landscaping. Many thanks to our local architect Bendery Mostert and Petro Jacobs, from Petro Landscaping, for their time and effort spent on this.


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