Welgemoed CID NPC Fencing

Business plan implementation plan

A total budget of R2 17 5000 was planned to be spent during the five years.

(Y1 R275 000, Y2 R420 000, Y3 R480 000, Y4 R 500 000, Y5 R 500 000)

The implementation plan allowed for the planning and approval process to be complete in Y1 with the first spending on the plans and design process. Y2 to 4 allowed for resource-based spending with no order of priority.


Current project status update in Q4 of year 1:

The fencing project has been split into 3 sections with underlying phases to allow for immediate progress where possible and delayed where plans are dependent on external factors. The sections are as follows with underlying status update:

  • Roads safety fencing
    • The application process advanced to preliminary contractual agreement with the public participation project phase planned for May 2021. Possible fence erection within Q1 of 2022 financial year. Budget prices for planning have been obtained. Formal request for proposals to be compiled in May 2021 and advertised.
    • The Saffraan Loop Co-owned project with Roads & Strom Water department has been approved with finalisation of municipal contractor tender resolution. WCID will commence with the WCID project side once the portion from CoCT team has been initiated on site.
  • Parks & open public areas fencing – The application process has commenced, and we are waiting for feedback from the municipal department of Parks & Gardens.
  • Fencing for Jip de Jager dual carriageway – The development project and affected areas has been placed on hold until the dual carriageway project has been finalised with local plans available on the road verge boundaries etc.

Cost planning with phasing over the remaining four years – most of the required fencing will be installed in the next year with only the dual carriageway project delaying the 3rd phase of internal fences along Jip de Jager between Kommissaris Road and Van Riebeeckshof Road intersections. The budget for Y1 & Y2 was R695 000, but with project reallocations, a revised available budget of R1 229 900 will be utilised with a budget brought forward for the balance of R507 100 with cash reserves on hand.


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