Social responsibility

WCID’s social responsibility portfolio will aim to understand and create awareness of the social issues that affect our neighbourhood.


We want to encourage a shared sense of purpose for the Welgemoed community to get involved in projects that make an impact in the lives of others.



1. Social development and upliftment

  1. Partner with NPOs to assist vagrants with food, accommodation and rehabilitation.
  2. Food drives and other community initiatives to support those in need.

2. Education

  1. Support for children to attend local schools
  2. Skills development for domestic workers

3. Vulnerable Woman and children

  1. Participate in projects that support abused women and children

Focus areas may change and other initiatives may be considered over time as needs change.


The WCID has partnered with MES to identify and rehabilitate homeless people in our community. This is a long term project in collaboration with the Cleaning and Security teams as well as MES to help vagrants in a constructive, responsible way and ensure a safer neighbourhood. The plan is outlined below:

1. Needs analysis

  • Identify the vagrants in Welgemoed and understand their situation.

2. Rehabilitation

  • Social workers identify recovery plans for homeless individuals.
  • Individuals join MES rehabilitation programs.
  • We support the MES GROW rehabilitation program by making use of the MES cleaning teams.

3. Skills development

  • Individuals enter skills development programs to prepare them for real jobs.

4. Job creation

  • The Welgemoed community and businesses create jobs for individuals who completed skills development training.

5. Safer neighbourhood

  • By identifying and working with vagrants in our area, it becomes easier to identify those who are harmless and those who are here to commit a crime.


We have created a set of criteria for projects that require funding from our budget. We may also raise funds/collect goods through other initiatives for projects that do not fall within these parameters, but that we feel passionate about.


  1. Tell us about your existing social responsibility projects so that we can help to create awareness or collaborate.

2. Give responsibly by purchasing and giving meal or shelter coupons instead of giving cash. Coupons available at Tygervalley Centre information desk or at MES.

3. Join the social responsibility task team to help drive social responsibility initiatives.

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