Social responsibility: Give Responsibly Campaign

The WCID supports the Give Responsibly Campaign. We discourage residents and visitors from handing out money and goods to street people. We urge the community to give out vouchers instead or make donations to the NGO’s in our area that focuses on the upliftment and empowerment of the homeless community

When and how to give responsibly:

We encourage members to take cash out of the system and instead buy food and shelter vouchers. Vouchers can be purchased at MES Bellville and will be available at participating businesses in the Welgemoed forum soon.

  • Meal voucher booklets cost R50 for 10 vouchers. A meal voucher can be redeemed for a meal at one of three addresses provided on the voucher.
  • Shelter voucher booklets cost R100 for 10 vouchers. A voucher provides one night’s safe accommodation at MES Safe Space in Bellville.

Keep your booklets in your car or handbag and give to someone who asks for food or money. By giving a voucher, you not only give a person a meal or a safe place to sleep, you also provide them with a chance to get help and turn their life around.

Why the community should not give handouts:

  • Giving money to children on the streets encourages them to leave home and stay out of school. It promotes substance abuse and keeps them away from organisations that can help them.
  • Giving food and clothing also does not help; it is sold or exchanged.
  • Giving money or support directly to street people demotivates them to search for professional social services which can change their lives.

What the Welgemoed community can do to assist MES:

  • Give a meal or shelter voucher. The recipients eventually redeem almost 70% of meal and shelter vouchers handed out.
  • Sponsor a job rehabilitation shift. The WCID already sponsors shifts for the MES cleaning teams that provide top-up cleaning services in Welgemoed.
  • Donate clothing, food products, toiletries, office supplies and cleaning material to MES Bellville.
  • Donate your time by volunteering at MES.

For more information on MES, contact them on 021 949 8736 or email or visit


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