Skips on the road/ building rubble on the sidewalk

There have been a few incidents involving building rubble skips placed on the road throughout the neighbourhood. WCID has been informed of and referred to the relevant by-laws by our council members.  The bylaws clearly state that no obstructions may be placed on the road or sidewalk.

This is covered under the streets and public places by-law and means that building rubble skips may not be placed in the roads. Please report all these matters on 021 480 7700, so the case can be recorded, and an officer dispatched to enforce the by-law.

Please see the relevant sections of the by-laws below.

By-law relating to streets, public places and the prevention of noise nuisances approved by the council: 30 May 2007

C 24/05/07 Promulgated 28 September 2007 PG 6469; LA 44559

Objects causing an obstruction

  1. No person other than a peace officer or other official or person acting in terms of the law shall—

(a) deposit, pack, unpack or leave any goods or articles in a public place, or cause any goods or articles to be deposited, packed, unpacked or

left in a public place, other than for a reasonable period during the course of the loading, off-loading or removal of such goods or articles; or

(b) in any way obstruct the pedestrian traffic on a sidewalk by bringing or allowing to be brought thereon any object or motor vehicle.


Goods, building materials, motor vehicle wrecks, dangerous objects

  1. No person shall—

1352 Provinsie Wes-Kaap: Provinsiale Koerant 6469 28 September 2007

(a) without the prior written permission of the City or otherwise than in accordance with any conditions determined by the City when granting such written permission—

(i) leave, store, pack or unpack goods or cause or permit goods to be left, stored, packed or unpacked, or accumulate or cause to be

accumulated in any public place or balcony or veranda erected beyond the boundary of a public road any building materials, motor

vehicle wrecks, spare parts of motor vehicles, building, waste materials or scaffolding; or

(ii) bore or cut stone, slake or sift lime, or mix building materials in any public place; or

(b) leave or accumulate or cause to be left or accumulated in any public place, or permit to be placed in any public place from premises owned

or occupied by him or her, any broken glass or other potentially dangerous object; or

(c) transport or cause or permit to be transported building materials, mixed or unmixed, on a public road in such a way as to damage the road.


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