Security Incidents notifications to Welgemoed residents

The below guideline specifies when and how the WCID team will communicate on any current/ongoing or past security-related incidents.

Each incident that is reported to the control room/security portfolio team will be evaluated in terms of:

  1. Imminent & continued security risk
  2. Ad Hoc security incident with no imminent/ongoing risk
  3. Incident trend identification
  4. Statistics feedback of security-related incidents.

  1. Imminent & continued security risk incidents will be shared immediately via the sector groups after all relevant security service providers have been informed & deployed.
    • Details of a specific incident will not be shared but the modus operandi and area of occurrence.
    • The Welgemoed neighbourhood watch team members may be activated for immediate assistance if required.
    • SAPS and security service providers will be the main focus of incident information sharing.
  1. Ad Hoc security incidents will only be reported if reported to the control room, and the necessary verification of incident details have been confirmed with a SAPS case number.
    • Any incident record arising from feedback from SAPS cases directly may be shared via the sector groups.
    • Any such reporting should be qualified for the specific area of occurrence – no reporting on multitudes of incidents occurring in non-WCID areas that creates panic.
    • Communication should be as per point 3 below.

Note: All reporting must exclude:

        • Names (victims or all involved parties)
        • Specific address (location of the crime scene)
        • Actual incident injuries

The WCID can report on:

        • The vicinity (street name/suburb area only)
        • Type of crime that occurred
        • Possible prevention suggestions
  1. Incident trend identification – should the security and surveillance team identify a trend on incidents, the security portfolio team will draft a brief message to be circulated via the sector groups and social media.
    • No incident-specific details are to be shared at any time
  1. Monthly security stats feedback – monthly security incident stats will be placed on:
    • Our website
    • WCID Board meetings
    • AGM

Unless there is a specific trend/case that needs further exposure to the benefit of the WCID residents, we should not communicate the stats via the sector groups – we could refer to the website instead.


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