Public Participation process for Gazania border management

The WCID, together with the Gazania street residents, have embarked on securing the eastern border of the WCID. The initial cleaning and clearance of the Elsieskraal river area, from the Doordekraal dam southwards right up to the Tygervalley Waterfront, and the entire Transnet land opposite Willowbridge, has drastically improved the area. Residents are now more comfortable in using the clean and safe area for recreational purposes and as an access route by foot to Willowbridge. This area is patrolled daily to keep it clean and clear of unwanted factors.

The enclosure of the Gazania cul-de-sac at the Doordekraal dam, by the Council, has made it possible to now start closing the complete eastern border. This closure will limit pedestrian access during night and also prevent any quick exit by perpetrators with ill intentions.

It is the intention to complete the process of securing the border by starting to lock the gates during the night. During the winter months, the proposed time for locking the gates at night will be 21h00 and gates will be unlocked by 5h00 in the morning. During the summer months, the locking time will be from 22h00 and opened again at 5h00. The times may change if necessary. Current surveillance trends have indicated the proposed times as most relevant for pedestrians using the area. All the gates will be monitored by the current and soon to be erected surveillance systems that are monitored by the WCID control room.

Please review the below layouts with the gates indicated that are to be locked following this public participation process.

Gate 1 – On Gazania cul-de-sac – open during the day
Gate 2 – Gazania 34 / 34A – open during the day
Gate 3 – Transnet land access gate – open during the day
Gate 4 – Gazania 44 / 44A – locked, only opened on request

The details of the public participation process on the above-mentioned gates and proposed locking times will be shared on social media, the WCID website. All surrounding properties will receive a notice delivered to the address directly. The process will allow for a 14-day notice period in which questions/objections can be raised for consideration before final approval is granted by the relevant municipal department. The proposal has been forwarded to the current ward councillor who gave her support for the closure of the gates as per the management proposal.

Please consider the impact this will have on your use of the area and the safety and security of all residents in Doordekraal. Should you have any questions about the gates’ proposed locking, please forward them to at your earliest convenience.

The public participation process allows for two weeks of feedback from property owners before the gates will be locked. The deadline for questions/objections is Thursday, 23 September 2021.


  • Arndt Mittendorf
    16/09/2021 at 10:49

    I support the initiative to close the gates at night

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