WelgemoedCID Newsletter – September 2021

A message from Arndt…

Welcome to the Welgemoed CID Newsletter – our own locally-driven community action platform

Two-thirds of 2021 is gone – unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Covid-19! However, I have learned that we as a community stand strong; irrespective of the pandemic, we will survive! With the repeated lockdowns, we need to realise that we are all part of the greater Welgemoed community and thus part of WCID – so ask yourself, What Can I Do?

Our latest security statistics reflect a good picture. The public safety vehicles presence and the armed response vehicles for our area have the desired deterrent effect. Compared to our neighbouring areas with significantly higher incidents, we are fortunate to have had only five (5) SAPS reported incidents. However, we have to be vigilant to ensure that we know what is happening in our area. And should incidents occur, we request that residents report such incidents to SAPS and the control room to stay ahead of the trend. 

Our suburb is nice and green following the rain, and the MES cleaning actions make a significant difference. We want to thank the MES Grow teams for their efforts, even in less-than-ideal weather conditions. As a result, the streets are clean, and the alien vegetation is under control.

Portfolio updates…


As part of our business plan, we are very excited to present the security and safety plan pipeline for the next five years to you. The infographic is an indication of what we have achieved to date, what we are currently implementing and the plans going forward.

Please see the article on Public Participation Process for the fencing project within the Welgemoed CID area for a detailed breakdown of the fencing project. 

Security incident notifications to Welgemoed residents
The below guideline specifies when and how the WCID team will communicate on any current/ongoing or past security-related incidents.

Each incident that is reported to the control room/security portfolio team will be evaluated in terms of:
1.    Imminent & continued security risk
2.    Ad Hoc security incident with no imminent/ongoing risk
3.    Incident trend identification
4.    Statistics feedback of security-related incidents.

Please click on the link for more details.

Public Participation Process for fencing project within the Welgemoed CID area

The WCID Business plan made provision for various fences on the boundaries of the WCID area to allow for a managed pedestrian traffic plan. The intention of the fence project is not to have an enclosed area but to allow the current pedestrian traffic through the WCID areas via gates which in turn will be managed by the public safety officers with locked times during night-time hours from 21h00 to 05h00 during winter and 22h00 and 5h00 in summer. Once the fences are erected, remote surveillance will be installed to view the gates via the WCID control room. The fences will be the storm panel fences as seen in the northern suburbs on Saffraan street and Gazania cul de sac in Welgemoed.

  1. The fence project has been split into three phases, of which the first two phases will be implemented concurrently within the next year.
    1.    Fences on the road verges under the control of the Roads & Storm Water department
    2.    Fences on the road verges under the control of the Parks and Gardens department
    3.    Fences along the planned Jip de Jager dual carriageway. 
    The application and approval process has progressed for phases 1 and 2, with the public participation process kicking off.

Please click on the link for more details.

Public Participation process for Gazania border management
The WCID, together with the Gazania residents, have embarked on securing the eastern border of the WCID. The initial cleaning & clearance of the Elsieskraal river area from the Doordekraal dam southwards right up to the Tygervalley Waterfront and the whole of the Transnet land opposite Willow Bridge has drastically improved the area. Residents are now more comfortable in using the clean and safe area for recreational purposes and as an access route by foot to the Willowbridge area. This area is patrolled daily to keep it clean and clear of unwanted factors. The enclosure of the Gazania cul-de-sac at the Doordekraal dam by the council has made it possible to now start closing the complete eastern border.

Please click on the link for more details.


The Cape Metropolitan area has reported a sharp increase in Covid-19 infections during the third wave. Many of our City officials have been infected, and many of them have been hospitalised. The Service Departments affected the most include Parks Department, Social Development and the Refuse Collection Department. We urge you to please report any problems with the notification system of the City. Please click on the link. The different departments will try their utmost best to deliver a good service still. Please be patient!

Clean up after your dog
It is still a concern that dog faeces litter our streets. Residents are again reminded of the Animal By-law, 201, article 11: “Removal of excrement: If any dog defecates in any public street, public place or public road, any person in control of such dog, excluding a person assisted by a guide dog, shall immediately remove the excrement, place it in a plastic or paper bag or wrapper and dispose of it in a receptacle provided for the deposit of litter or refuse, excluding a person who a guide dog assists. No person shall walk a dog, other than a guide dog, in a public street, public place or public road, without carrying a sufficient number of plastic or paper bags or wrappers, within which to place the dog’s excrement in the event of the dog defecating.”

Dog Poopie Pipes & Bins – Public Participation programme
The Welgemoed CID cleaning team would like to install waste bins and poop bag containers with biodegradable bags for dog faeces around the Welgemoed CID area to encourage residents to clean up after their dogs walking in the neighbourhood. The bins and the poop pipe bag refills will be managed and cleaned by the WCID or appointed service provider. 

The bins and pipes will be mounted on separate poles 1,2m above the ground near a park rules signage board and embedded in a cement base. No bins or poop pipes will be mounted on the current infrastructure of the City of Cape Town, i.e., traffic signs or electrical lamp posts. 

We have identified the following locations for the placements of the poop pipe containers and the bins. Please consider the locations and sign the attached list as supporting / not supporting the bins and pipe containers placement at the indicated locations. For a detailed description of the various locations and signs, please click on the link to take part in the public participation programme

The MES cleaning team
The MES cleaning teams continue to clean various sections of Welgemoed. In August 2021, the MES team collected 599 bags of pruning, cutting grass, weeding, sweeping and pickups. With similar figures for July despite the heavy rains. We urge residents to suggest areas that require attention or cleaning to manager@welgemoedcid.co.za


WCID Greening – Re-imagining our public green spaces
The central goal of our proposed upgrade is to develop our parks as multi-generational spaces to function as a type of “civic glue”. We will achieve this by providing age-neutral amenities (such as biodiversity gardens, kitchen gardens and beautiful walkways), which are flexible enough to serve different functions for each generation. Watch this space; we are finalising the concept designs and circulate these plans for community input through an online survey shortly. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact the WCID Manager, Arndt Mittendorf (manager@welgemoedcid.co.za) or the WCID Green Director, Louise Ferreira (louise@welgemoedcid.co.za).


SOS trust food hampers
Welgemoed CID has partnered with SOS trust to provide food hampers to 24 families through schools in our community. In collaboration with the schools, families are identified and helped discreetly. Thank you to everyone that contributed; we were able to help 24 families and have some reserves for the next round of food hampers. Thank you to every person who contributed to the SOS trust food hamper project. You have helped a family get back on their feet. The next round will be at the end of September 2021.

Covid vaccination registrations
Social Responsibility team members recently volunteered to help older people in Welgemoed register online for a Covid vaccine. We want to thank NGK Welgemoed for making their venue available and providing internet access for the volunteers. If you know of any person who needs assistance, don’t hesitate to contact admin@welgemoedcid.co.za

Food and shelter vouchers are available at Alchemy


MES shelter and meal vouchers are now conveniently available at Alchemy Coffee Roasters in Bakker Street, Welgemoed. 

By giving a voucher to someone on the street, you not only provide a meal or a safe place to sleep, but you also provide someone with a chance to get help and turn their life around. We are very fortunate to have Alchemy Coffee Roasters support our Responsible Giving initiative. Alchemy is very passionate about coffee and has a heart for people and the community. Pop in at Alchemy for a coffee and get your voucher booklets for when you need to give a voucher. 

Social Upliftment
WCID aims to focus on youth/community development and how we can drive such community beneficial initiatives. We are currently engaging with various service providers for development initiatives for our area’s youth/target groups. Examples could be any of the following:
•    Arrange speakers for social development issues amongst teenagers, career advice initiatives, social media impact on behaviours etc.
•    First aid courses for the community in general – foster a community involvement drive!
•    IT introduction initiatives for the elderly portion of our residents.
•    Local fauna & flora – introduce speakers in general & in particular for our Greening portfolio initiatives.


Join us for the 4th Volmaan Walk / Run on Wednesday, 22 September 2021. RSVP on the following link 

All other community events have been cancelled due to the Covid-19 third wave. Activities will be reactivated once the level has been adjusted. 


Website – we are currently busy upgrading our website and making some necessary changes to ensure that the site is user friendly and contains all the essential information needed.

In conclusion…
A reminder the control room operates 24/7/365, and the emergency number is 086 121 2315 or 086 121 2608. 

We look forward to working with you going forward. If you would like to bring any other matters of concern to our attention, please get in touch with me at manager@welgemoedcid.co.za.

Warm regards

Arndt Mittendorf
Manager WCID