WelgemoedCID Newsletter – November  2021

A message from Arndt...


Welcome to the November edition of the Welgemoed CID Newsletter – our locally-driven community action platform. As part of the community, we urge you to ask yourself, What Can I Do? How can I, as a resident, contribute to the community and help improve the area where we stay?

The security statistics reflect an excellent picture when compared to our neighbouring areas where higher SAPS incidents were reported over the same period. We request that residents continue to report incidents to SAPS and the control room; this enables our security team to stay ahead of the trend.


Business Listings

We are launching our own WelgemoedCID Business Directory – supporting Local because Local is Lekker.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we have all experienced a sense of loss, but none more so than our businesses. Welgemoed community supporting local businesses represents a sense of being a part of a greater family – Locals supporting Local.

The WCID Business Directory provides the perfect platform to showcase local services and products available from and trusted by Welgemoed residents. Listing your business in our directory is completely free. The platform allows our community to search for a local business or service to meet their needs. In addition, your customers can leave a review and comment on your products and services. Please note that the WCID is not endorsing any of the business, we are merely providing the platform.

The only criteria for being listed in the Business Directory is that either you or your business must reside within the Welgemoed CID boundary.

Currently, listed businesses range from coffee beans sellers to accountants, home renovations, to stationery suppliers. Our aim is that the WCID Business Directory will become the place to find trusted, reputable and local services and products.

To register, please follow the four easy step on the website:

Portfolio updates...

Safety & Security

Monday morning bin scavenging


The graph above indicates an upward trend in bin scratchers in the WCID, Oude Westhof and Van Riebeeckshof areas. The number of bin scratchers is weather dependant, and as the warmer months approach, we will continue to see an increase. The stats indicate increased poverty as a result of the weak economy and high unemployment. Unfortunately, with the rise in bin scratchers, we also see certain criminal elements entering the area. The criminals exploit these days as a cover to scout the area and commit various petty crimes that go mostly unreported. Therefore, the WCID would like to ask residents to think twice about how their well-intended sharing and disposing of unwanted goods and food is helping some but creating a different set of problems for the community.

Monthly security stats

The monthly crime statistics indicate a reduction in criminal activities recorded compared to the same period a year ago. However, the number of petty crimes that are not recorded as an official incident is still a concern! We urge all residents to stay vigilant, especially over the festive season. The presence and visibility of public safety vehicles and the armed response vehicles is having the desired deterrent effect.


The Cleaning portfolio’s mission is to present Welgemoed as a manicured, well looked after suburb by providing a sustainable top-up cleaning and maintenance service in addition to the current service attended to by the CoCT. 

Keeping our streets clean
WCID has engaged the services of MES as a strategic partner, in particular, their GROW Job Rehabilitation Program (link to MES/Social Responsibility). Currently, WCID contracts two teams, three people per team, three days a week, to weed, sweep and pick up litter. As a result, the MES cleaning actions make a significant difference in our area. We want to thank the MES Grow teams for their efforts to ensure our streets are clean and that the alien vegetation is under control. In October 2021, the MES team collected 528 bags of pruning, grass cutting, weeding, sweeping and pickups. We urge residents to suggest areas that require attention or cleaning to manager@welgemoedcid.co.za.

Our cleaning projects include: 

Bellville Golf Course Cleaning Project:
WCID partnered with Bellville Golf Club to do a golf course clean-up. Residents were invited to get involved, and a good number turned up to get their hands dirty. A total of 36m³ of rubbish was removed. However, overgrowth and clearing continue in specific areas as we extend the golf course running/walking track.

Welgemoed entrance project:
WCID is working with local architects and landscapers to beautify our entrance. This project is in two phases. 
•    Phase one: a welcome garden on the southern side of the Jip de Jager/Kommissaris intersection.
•    Phase two: a welcome sign on the northern side of the Jip de Jager/Kommissaris intersection.

Clean up after your dog:

Dog faeces is still a concern and residents are again reminded of the Animal By-law, 201, article 11: “Removal of excrement: If any dog defecates in any public street, public place or public road, any person in control of such dog, excluding a person assisted by a guide dog, shall immediately remove the excrement, place it in a plastic or paper bag or wrapper and dispose of it in a receptacle provided for the deposit of litter or refuse, excluding a person who a guide dog assists. No person shall walk a dog, other than a guide dog, in a public street, public place or public road, without carrying a sufficient number of plastic or paper bags or wrappers, within which to place the dog’s excrement in the event of the dog defecating.”



WCID Greening 
In October we send out a special edition newsletter on the various greening activities in Welgemoed. In this edition we focus on the four major roles of parks namely multi-generational spaces, biodiversity, recreation and culture and heritage. 

Why are parks important? First, they create economic value through the improvement of local tax base and increasing property values. Secondly, they offer health and environmental benefits because parks and recreation facilities are places people go to get healthy and stay fit. Thirdly, they are social important because they reflect the quality of life in a community. They are an indication of the perceived quality of life in a community. Parks are often cited as one of the factors in surveying how liveable communities are. Parks provide meeting places for families, social groups, and individuals of all ages and economic statuses, regardless of their economic status. Global research has indicated that community involvement in neighbourhood parks lead to lower levels of crime and vandalism. Finally, parks provide a sense of public pride and cohesion to every community.

In this edition, we would like to showcase the potential plans for Chavonne Park:

Please get in touch with the WCID Manager, Arndt Mittendorf or the WCID Green Director, Louise Ferreira. In addition, we welcome volunteers and ambassadors for each park in the community. 

Social responsibility

SOS trust food hampers
Welgemoed CID has partnered with SOS Trust to provide food hampers to 24 to 26 families through schools in our community. In collaboration with the schools, families are identified and helped discreetly. R550 to R600 will feed a family of 5 for a month. Please support our November food hamper drive by donating any amount by 30 November 2021 so that we can get them delivered before schools close.

The SOS TRUST is section 18A registered (NPO: 063-721), and your donation is tax-deductible.
Bank details: SOS Trust
Banking details: ABSA 4070981810
Branch: 632005
Reference: Surname + ‘Food’
Please send your proof of payment to: donations@sostrust.co.za 

Food and shelter vouchers are available at Alchemy


With the increase of homeless people asking for food over the festive period please consider giving a MES shelter or meal vouchers. These vouchers are available at Alchemy Coffee Roasters in Bakker Street, Welgemoed. 

By giving a voucher to someone on the street, you not only provide a meal or a safe place to sleep, but you also provide someone with a chance to get help and turn their life around.

We are very fortunate to have Alchemy Coffee Roasters support our Responsible Giving initiative. Alchemy is very passionate about coffee and has a heart for people and the community. So, pop in at Alchemy for a coffee and get your voucher booklets. 

Community drive

We are planning a fantastic Fun Run / Walk with food trucks on 11 December 2021 in association with the Greater Tygerberg Partnership and the Tygerberg Nature Reserve. Watch this space; more details to follow shortly. 


Website – we are currently busy upgrading our website and making some necessary changes to ensure that the site is user friendly and contains all the essential information needed.

In conclusion...

A reminder the control room operates 24/7/365, and the emergency number is 086 121 2315 or 086 121 2608. 
If you would like to bring any other matters of concern to our attention, please contact me at manager@welgemoedcid.co.za.

Warm regards

Arndt Mittendorf
Manager WCID