WelgemoedCID Newsletter – December  2021

A message from Arndt...

Welcome to the last Welgemoed CID Newsletter for 2021 – our locally-driven community action platform. This year we focused on What Can I Do? How can I, as a resident, contribute to the community and help improve the area where I stay? This theme will continue in 2022. The WCID has achieved our goals for this year, and the neighbourhood has become a much cleaner and safer environment, an area we can be proud to call home. Achievements include:

Visible security.

Additional cleaning, including the new running route through the forest at the golf course.

On the Greening side, we completed the conceptual plans for the various parks. A comprehensive public participation process will be followed to ensure the parks are developed with the input from all local residents in the respective areas.

Community events such as the Fullmoon Walk / Run is gaining growing support from residents.

The fencing project and dog poop bins will be erected in the first 2 quarters of 2022 following the successful public participation process that indicated an overwhelming support for both projects.

We currently have 28 business listings on the newly launched Welgemoed Business Directory.

To ensure the processes of the various projects, we need the community’s support and ask them to become part of the process.

The security statistics again reflect a commendable picture compared to the surrounding areas where higher SAPS incidents were reported over the same period. We appeal to residents to continue to report incidents to SAPS and the control room; this enables our security team to be more proactive and avoid incidents. To allow us to continue to protect your home when you are away on holiday, please consider the following safety tips over the festive season:

Ensure all your security measures are working: Test your alarm and the alarm battery regularly, ensure that the control room has your latest contact details. Please let the control room know if you have any special holiday instructions or house sitters keeping your fury family safe.

Ensure the perimeter of your house is protected: Make sure that there are no weak spots in your fence or boundary wall. Check your roof to ensure that there are no easy access points and ensure the security beams in your garden are cleared.

Secure doors and windows: Check carefully that all windows and doors are well secured before leaving your home; use a deadlock on your doors so that anyone who breaks in through a window can’t take items out the doors.

Security lighting and curtains: Set the lights in your home on a timer so that they will go on in the evenings and off at the time you would usually go to bed. Have your curtains partially closed or blinds tilted so people can’t look in your windows, but it doesn’t look as if the place is empty during the day.

Get to know all the neighbours around you: It is essential to know when people are coming or going and if they are perhaps going on holiday. This will make it easier to spot suspicious people and movements in your neighbourhood.

Put a stop to deliveries: If you are away for more than a week or so, stop any daily deliveries, such as your newspaper. If you are only away for a few days, ask a neighbour to collect your mail for you.

Don’t advertise what you got for Christmas: There will be gift-giving, which inevitably leads to packaging that ends up in the bins. These boxes indicate to the criminal element what is inside your house. Try and find some other way to get rid of these boxes.

Vary your movement patterns: Don’t fall into too apparent routines. Vary the times when you leave home, and try never to create the impression that “no one is home”.

The control room and WCID team will be on duty during the festive season.

WCID Security Control Room (24 hours): 086 1212 315 or 086 1212 608

Portfolio updates...

Safety & Security

There has been an increase in theft from vehicles during the early morning hours and we’ve increased patrols in the areas. We urge residents to not leave visible items in the motor vehicles when they park in the road or on an open driveway. We suggest the same measures for motor vehicles parked behind gates.

Monday morning bin scavenging

The graph above indicates the weekly bin scratchers in the WCID, Oude Westhof and Van Riebeeckshof areas. The stats show a 9% increase in bin scratchers in November 2021, indicating continued poverty due to the weak economy and high unemployment. Unfortunately, criminals exploit these days as a cover to scout the area, especially over the festive season. Please think twice before sharing and disposing of unwanted goods and food.

Monthly security stats

There were no crimes reported for November 2021 with SAPS case numbers. Various minor incidents and car burglaries were reported to the WCID control room. We urge all residents to stay vigilant over the festive season. The presence and visibility of public safety vehicles and the armed response vehicles have had the desired deterrent effect.

Monthly crime stats Nov 2021
2021 Annual Comparative crime statistics
2021 Year to date crime stats


The Cleaning portfolio continues to provide a sustainable top-up cleaning and maintenance service in addition to the current service attended to by the City of Cape Town.

Keeping our streets clean
In November 2021, the MES team collected 687 bags of pruning, grass cutting, weeding, sweeping and pickups. We urge residents to report areas that require attention or cleaning to manager@welgemoedcid.co.za.

MES cleaning data

As a result, the MES cleaning actions make a significant difference in our area. We want to thank the MES Grow teams for their efforts to ensure our streets are clean and that the alien vegetation is under control. Please note the MES team will be resting from Wednesday, 15 December to Monday, 10 January 2022.


WCID Greening 
As mentioned in the October special edition newsletter, the WCID will have a staged approach to upgrade the various parks in Welgemoed. We have been advised to carry out upgrades of two parks per year. As mentioned before, the sequence of the park upgrades is based on various factors, including the topography, location, extent of Renosterveld remnants and land use issues which first need to be rectified before upgrades can be carried out (e.g. encroachment onto public open spaces by neighbouring property owners). In this edition, we would like to showcase the potential plans for Goeweneur Park.

Goewerneur Park Concept_Final

If you would like to get involved in the parks project please get in touch with the WCID Green Director, Louise Ferreira. In addition, we welcome volunteers and ambassadors for each park in the community.

Social responsibility

SOS trust food hampers

A big thank you to the Welgemoed residents that contributed to the SOS trust food hampers; with your help, 24 food hampers were delivered to families identified in our local schools.

Food and shelter vouchers are available at Alchemy
With the increase of homeless people asking for food over the festive period, please consider giving a MES shelter or meal vouchers. These vouchers are available at Alchemy Coffee Roasters in Bakker Street, Welgemoed. By giving a voucher to someone on the street, you not only provide a meal or a safe place to sleep, but you also provide someone with a chance to get help and turn their life around.


Supporting Local because Local is Lekker.
We would like to remind you of the WCID Business Directory, the perfect platform to showcase local services and products available from and trusted by Welgemoed residents. We currently have 28 businesses listed. Residents that have not been listed their companies, please do so; it is free. The platform allows our community to search for a local business or service to meet their needs. In addition, your customers can leave a review and comment on your products and services. Please note that the WCID is not endorsing any business; we merely provide the platform.

The only criteria for being listed in the Business Directory are that you or your business must reside within the Welgemoed CID boundary. To register, please follow the four easy steps on the website. 

Community drive

To everyone that joined us on Saturday, 11 December to explore the Tygerberg Nature Reserve, we hope you had as much fun as we did.
Our next walk / run on the golf course is on Thursday, 20 January 2022. Burgers and fries will be available after the event at the Bellville Golf Club. Details on the cost will follow shortly. We hope to see you there.
Please note that the rules of the golf course state that all dogs must be on a leash at all times. The club’s management allows other activities on the course as long as it doesn’t interfere with golf play. A golfer was recently bitten by a dog that wasn’t on a leash, even though the owner was repeatedly asked to keep their dog on a leash. All users of the golf course open space must adhere to the rules. We have worked hard to make the space available and friendly to all, and it would be a pity if we lost this privilege due to a few non-law-abiding residences.


Website – we are currently busy upgrading our website and making some necessary changes to ensure that the site is user friendly and contains all the essential information needed.

In conclusion...

We wish our residence a wonderful and peaceful holiday season; please travel save and enjoy the time with your loved ones. The families that celebrate Christmas may the Lord Jesus Christ grant you peace and renew your strength for the year ahead.
If you would like to bring any other matters of concern to our attention, please contact me at manager@welgemoedcid.co.za.
Warm regards
Arndt Mittendorf