The main aim is to provide a top-up service to the existing CoCT maintenance programs for Welgemoed, e.g. cleaning and taking care of streets and parks, pruning of problem trees and shrubs, etc. This portfolio will inevitably overlap with the Greening Portfolio.



  • To provide a sustainable and continuous top-up cleaning service to present Welgemoed as a manicured and looked after suburb to residents and visitors alike.
  • Initiatives to improve the appearance of our streets and parks.
  • To make parks more user-friendly for all ages, e.g. to level and add sports apparatus to the Imhoff Street Park.
  • The goal is to encourage residents to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Campaigns to raise awareness among residents for more ecologically-responsible behaviour. This will contribute to a healthy and safe environment.
    • Putting up “Dog poop” bins to keep streets clean and encourage residents to use the facility.
    • Encourage recycling of reusable waste.
    • Clean-up drives in collaboration with Welgemoed Primary School and Sector Groups.

To reach our objectives we will work closely with the WelgemoedCID Safety and Security and Social Responsibility portfolios. Supportive partnerships with the relevant CoCT departments are being honed as these relationships are imperative for the achievement of our goals.


  • Maintenance schedule
    WCID has engaged the services of MES as a Strategic Partner, in particular their GROW Job Rehabilitation Program. Currently two teams, with three people per team are contracted for three days a week, to weed, sweep and pick up litter.
  • We intend to appoint professionals to trim trees that cause a security and traffic risk
  • In Goewerneur Street Park outdoor gym apparatus have been installed. Instruction boards will be added.
  • Imhoff Park
    To level the park is the first step in making the park more usable. We intend to retrieve soil from the planned widening of Jip de Jager.
  • Welgemoed Neighbourhood sign and landscaping at the corner of Kommissaris Str and Jip de Jager Drive
    Bendery Mostert (BM Architecture) and Petro Jacobs (Petro Landscaping), both Welgemoed residents, are in the process of submitting proposals to the relevant CoCT departments.
  • Putting up of “Dog poop” bins. We are in the process of applying for more neighbourhood bins to dispose of bagged dog poop.