About Us

The Welgemoed Community Improvement Drive (WCID) is an initiative aimed at advancing Welgemoed as an SRA between 2018 and 2020, with the goal of providing supplementary services to the local authorities and working closely with them to improve public safety, cleaning services, social development and public spaces. The WCID will operate with its own board of directors and will liaise with both the public and private sectors, working together to develop, promote and manage our area.

We have established a steering committee of “voluntary concerned citizens”, some of whom have longstanding involvement with WelgemoedSafe, the neighbourhood watch or the residents’ association. However, the by-laws require that a CID must be initiated and advanced by individual private property owners and not a juristic body or person, which means the aforementioned associations are not involved in the establishment of the WCID.

How does it work?

A municipality may collect additional rates (up to a maximum of 25% of the property rates) in a CID area from the property owners. The money is transferred to a non-profit company (established by the property owners) which enables the company to provide additional services of importance which may not be provided by the municipality. The City retains 3% of the funds as a provision against bad debt but if there are no arrears at the end of the financial year, the 3% that had been retained is released to the CID the following financial year. This is effectively a free money collection and distribution function provided by the City.

The non-profit company gets a mandate from the property owners on additional top-up services desired for the area. This is presented to the city in a business plan together with the associated budget – clearly indicating what the money is intended for. The City approved both the business plan and the budget and authorized the establishment of the WelgemoedCID w.e.f. 1 July 2020. At no point may the City reduce their service level of basic services supplied to the area or use the CID’s funds for anything other than outlined in the business plan.

A CID is the only viable option for an area that was established in the 1950’s. There is no other effective structure under which property owners can collectively contribute to the improvement of the area (over and above basic municipal services).

Communication is the key

The CID is an initiative aimed at building upon the success of WelgemoedSafe and is the next step in getting our suburb in line with the benefits usually enjoyed by residents residing in a gated community such as Kanonberg or Welgedacht. Although the CID is a non-profit company whose board members act totally independently of WelgemoedSafe and the Welgemoed Neighbourhood Watch, it will utilize the trusted communication network of the existing associations.


To work together to maintain a safe, clean and sustainable Welgemoed.


To consistently and incrementally improve Welgemoed for the benefit of all who live and work here.

Our mandate

The WCID operates within a clearly defined geographical boundary of Welgemoed, providing top-up support to the City’s service delivery teams. The WCID is funded by special levies paid by residential and commercial property owners within the operational area. To view the area boundaries, please click here.

Wcid board members

Chairperson – Francois Laurence
Vice Chairperson – Renaldo Lorio
Dr Loraine Maritz
Chris van Rooyen
Louise Ferreira

Operations manager

Arndt Mittendorf

Portfolio leads

Safety & Security – Chris van Rooyen
Cleaning – Loraine Maritz
Greening – Louise Ferreira
Social Responsibility – Liesl Smit
Community Drive – Francois Laurence


Sarita Kruger – graphic design and website
De Jongh Borchardt – content writing
Gene Lohrentz (Geocentrix) – assistance with Urban Management Survey

Serendipityremix – social media and website